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Ride Better On A Scott!

Set new records aboard a Scott bicycle!

When you're ready to set new personal records, don't let your bike be the anchor weighing you down. Aboard Scott's super-light bicycles, your every effort is converted into pure energy for amazing pedal power. Ready for the ride of your dreams? Swing by the shop today for a taste of engineering perfection!

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Get Power For Free!

Purchase a CycleOps Pro300PT Indoor Cycle from us and you can get a PowerTap watt meter free! You'll have two industry-leading tools that ensure you get the very most out of all your rides. You can measure your efforts and know objectively how they compare to what you're capable of. Take advantage of this great deal today!

We Carry Orbea Bicycles!

Bicycling is a fun way to lose unwanted weight! Even riding at a conversational pace burns calories!

Have you heard about the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans? It recommends 60 to 90 minutes of physical activity a day — the perfect interval for a healthy and fun ride!

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 Turn your old bike gear into cash with our free classifieds!

Having too much bike equipment can be a problem when you run out of room for the latest, greatest gear! The solution? Use our FREE online classifieds to advertise and sell your bikes, accessories, fitness equipment and more! It's an easy and fun way to turn items into cash, space and current technology!

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Want to become an instant cycling expert? Just browse our extensive tips library! From equipment tricks, to health and fitness, to safety and comfort, our treasure trove of tips is just a click away!

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